Laba Sosseh – Roberto Torres presenta a …, SAR 1981

A quite special post today, this is Laba Sosseh, I don’t know where
he’s from but he’s ever so welcome. If I see a SAR production from
1981, produced by Roberto Torres, I trust it fully. This is a recording
very different from most SAR LP’s. In a very rhythmic flow the SAR
musicians combine African tunes with Latin ones. Laba Sosseh’s
voice rounds it all up nicely. I hope you enjoy.


1 Ngombelle
2 Gualli sengue
3 Maracaibo oriental
4 Botom belle
5 Anichayi
6 Pelota


10 thoughts on “Laba Sosseh – Roberto Torres presenta a …, SAR 1981

  1. Have this on CD. Laba was Gambian and died last year. He was perhaps, Africa’s best sonero. Thanks.

  2. Also, we’re looking in the direction of Manhattan from Brooklyn & if you look carefully you can see the Twin Towers in Downtown New York City.
    This photo has some history all over it.

  3. Laba also made some great records with Monguito el Unico and Orquesta Aragon. His last record was recorded in Cuba , I believe, with a few other Senegalese vocalists.

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