Life Hard a Yard – NaturalVibes, Starlight Records

I don’t have a year on this fine reggae album, early eighties would
be my guess. With ‘Sly and Robbie’, ‘Roots Radics’ and theĀ ‘High
Times Band’, this can’t go wrong, Produced by Prince Jammy,
Recorded at Channel One and King Tubby’s Studio.
A sweet session.


1 Natural vibes
2 Reggae singer
3 Children crying
4 Dreadlocks time
5 Liberation song
6 Life hard a yard
7 Food for thought
8 Blood and hate
9 Rastaman
10 Cry love
11 My woman is gone
12 True true loving


6 thoughts on “Life Hard a Yard – NaturalVibes, Starlight Records

  1. I am confused about this myself Justin, but since there are two songs on the album that carry those names I thought it was logic to put the band’s name first,
    I might be wrong here.
    Anyway, nice tunes.

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