Lord Kitchener – Calypsos toohot to handle, Melodisc 1955

While I was working on this post, gathering information, I found ou
that ‘Miss Baikinange’ of ‘Schadenfreudian Therapy’ already placed
it. I guess I knew but didn’t pay attention. Check her page, linked at
the sidebar. This is a great album, worthy of a second posting !
‘Aldwyn Roberts’ or ‘Lord Kitchener’ is the main man in
Calypso. Fantastic songs without exeption.


1 Wife and mother
2 Red head
3 My wife’s nightie
4 Kitch take it easy
5 Piccadilly folk
6 Alphonso in town
7 Don’t kiss me too low
8 Woman’s figure
9 Muriel & the bug
10 Is trouble
11 Too late Kitch
12 January girls
13 Old lady walk a mile
14 Carnival


12 thoughts on “Lord Kitchener – Calypsos toohot to handle, Melodisc 1955

  1. Orquesta baobab used the medley from Kitch’s “Old lady walk a mile” for the song “Bicowa” from their made in Dakar disc. Thanks.

  2. You’re right, they did, fantastic band too by the way, I saw them in Paradiso Amsterdam recently, and had a great time.
    Plenty cd’s in the shops, so no GG-post unfortunately.

  3. Not sure if I’ve left a comment on your blog before, but just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the great albums you post… Always a pleasure exploring your vast record collection and discovering new (old) artists…

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