Sonora Matancera – Una Caja de Exitos, Tropical

Caja de exitos, front, cd size

Sonora Matancera is the type of band that keeps existing no matter
what, if an older member leaves the group, a young one comes in.
It’s like they have always been there. Recording with lots of stars,
this ‘Box of Songs’ is one with 4 tracks by Nelson Pineda, 4 by
Carlos Argentino and 4 by Celia Cruz. A fine example of Cuban music.
My favourite track; ‘Apambichao’.

1 Carlos Argentino – Tu rica boca
2 Celia Cruz – Gozando
3 Nelson Pinedo – Sabrosito asi
4 Carlos Argentino – Apambichao
5 Celia Cruz – La merenguita
6 Nelson Pinedo – Mi chica y yo
7 Nelson Pinedo – El Gavilan
8 Carlos Argentino – Cha cha cha de los feos
9 Celia Cruz – No encuentro palabras
10 Nelson Pinedo – Recordando mi cuartito
11 Carlos Argentino – De ti enamorado
12 Celia Cruz – Contentosa


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