Global Sampler vol. 3

Global Groove’s Samplers are meant to help you find
the posts you’re looking for. With this 3rd volume, you
can follow the posts from May 22 to May 27.
Click on the month of May in the sidebar to unfold it.
Each track represents an LP listed in chronologic order.
This third volume stands out in diversity, just how
we like it, hope you do too !


1 Fruko – Lontananza
2 Los Teen Agers – Pachanga del futbol
3 Fruko – Yo pongo la plata
4 Bezerra da Silva – Punhado de bambas
5 Rey Jordao – Caboclo porrete
6 Zeca Pagodinho – Jogo de caipira
7 Jovelina Pérola Negra – Conselho de vizinho
8 Miguel Duran – India matea
9 Dzansever – Ki zandana me karamav
10 Gregory Isaacs – Love overdue
11 Dr. Alimantado – Plead I cause
12 Dicró – Sitio do Joao
13 Toinho de Alagoas – Namoro no escuro
14 José y los Reyes – Gitan poete
15 Miriam Makeba – Pata pata
16 Yellowman – Shorties
17 Etoile de Dakar – N’guiro na
18 La Sonora Dinamita – Ay chave


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