Orchestra Harlow – Salsa, Fania 1974

…in the mean time, Blogging goes on !

Hey Groovers, have you heard this one ?
Incredibly good album by Larry Harlow’s Orchestra, Larry
plays the piano and orchestrates like no other. This is a
killer from the beginning till the end, fireworks I’d say.
Junior Gonzalez’ vocals, Pacheco’s flute, and Larry..wow..


1 No quiero
2 La cartera
3 Popo pa’mi
4 No hay amigo
5 Sueltame
6 El paso de encarnacion
7 Wampo
8 Silencio


One thought on “Orchestra Harlow – Salsa, Fania 1974

  1. Fantastic to see some Larry Harlow in here, more Fania please Moos, it is a beautiful education for me azucar ! And many thanks this website is a goldmine and an inspiration

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