Errol Scorcher & the Revolutionaries
Ballistic Records 1978

Dear Groovers around the Globe, it’s been three days, time flys.
The problem is not the music, loads of LP’s are piled up,
waiting, fighting in my mind for a place on this humble
page. No, time is the problem. I am too busy doing other things.
But hey, here’s some fresh input, check it out.

From 1978 this is Errol Scorcher & the Revolutionaries
with Sly and Robbie. I was 20, a rookie, as green as grass.
This LP always reminds me of those days, when we used to ‘Kraak’
houses. ( a typical Dutch phenomena, ‘borrow’ an empty house )
With Sly and Robbie at the wheel, you can’t drive wrong,
Fantastic album by Errol Scorcher, great voice, nice songs.
A huge personal favourite.


1 Steppin’ worldwide
2 Sister Pat
3 Cardiac arrest, instradub
4 Jolly bus ting
5 Show I the way
6 Heart failure, instradub
7 One man ranch
8 Rockers hat
9 Post mortem, instradub
10 Jump and prance
11 Baby mutha
12 Rigor mortis, instradub


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Ballistic Records 1978

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