Horace Andy – Skylarking, Studio One 1972

Horace Andy, front, cd size

Who is the reggae singer with the sweetest voice on earth ?
Horace Andy is the name, this is an early recording called
after his huge hit, ‘Skylarking’. You might know him by his
collaboration with the English group ‘Massive Attack’.
This is an album, produced by the legendary Cocksone Dodd
on his Studio One label. A must have.


1 Where do the children play
2 Just say who
3 Love of a woman
4 Skylarking
5 Mammie blue
6 Please don’t go
7 Every tongue shall tell
8 Something on my mind
9 See aman’s face
10 Don’t cry
11 I’ll be gone
12 Got to be sure


11 thoughts on “Horace Andy – Skylarking, Studio One 1972

  1. I’m really a Brazilian music guy and you have such impeccable taste!! But recently i downloaded Skylarking album and absolutely love it!!! Can you recommend any more reggae artists or recordings you think are as good as this?
    I trust your judgment!!!

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