Orquesta Aragón – Cojale el Gusto a Cuba,Discuba 1959

Orguesta Aragon started out in 1939 in Cienfuegos, Cuba. They were
not the inventors but the main performers of the Cha Cha Chá.
This is the type of band that keeps existing through the years.
One member leaves the band, another comes in. Their career now
runs for about 7 decades. They still perform today. The quality
of this LP is not very well, but still worth a listen. read_more


1 Le dije a una rosa
2 El baile suavito
3 Ven y ven
4 La muela
5 Mi escapulario
6 Que calor
7 Naranjo y Lucas
8 Separala tambien
9 Clavelitos
10 No puedo vivir
11 Comelon
12 Ah, que familia señor


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    many styles of music wich i like
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