Benedito Nunes – Self Titled
Musicolor 1972

Benedito Nunes is from Bahia, but he moved to Rio de Janeiro
to record his music. Probably that’s why his forró has a bit of
a samba sound. I kinda like those chorus parts and guitar walks.
Unfortunately the needle jumps one time during track #1, but I
think it’s still worth a spin.


1 Ouritimbó
2 Pra fazer bilú-bilú
3 Quando esse cabra morrer
4 Ou casa ou morre
5 Namoro escondido
6 Ai, Tertulina
7 Pensao da Rua Auróra
8 Que felicidade
9 Cabra mentiroso
10 Caititu enjoado
11 Vou fazer sucesso
12 Adeus gereré


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Musicolor 1972

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