Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco – Celia & Johnny, Vaya 1974

Celia & Johnny, front

After the 1959 revolution on Cuba, Celia Cruz left the island together
with the legendary ‘la Sonora Matancera’. In New York she played with all
the great latin artists you can imagine. After singing with the Orchestra
of Tito Puente she met Johnny Pacheco and his Fania crew. Together they
had tremendous succes. This LP contains the great ‘Quimbara’, a huge hit|
from those days. And weren’t they hip ?


1 Quimbara
2 Toro mata
3 Vieja luna
4 El paso del mulo
5 Tengo el idde
6 Lo tuyo es mental
7 Canto a la Habana
8 No Mercedes
9 El tumbao y Celia
10 El pregon del pescador


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