Les Bantous de la Capitale, Sonafric 1976

Somewhere during the 60’s, an early member of OK Jazz, Jean Serge
Essous and Nino Malapet, also saxplayer, started up a bigband
Congolese style. Les Bantous de la Capitale, with Papa Noel,
Brazzos among others who joined Franco’s Band in Kinshasa later.
Did you know the ‘OK’ in OK Jazz stands for Orchestre Kinois ?,
Kinois means ‘from Kinshasa’. Listen to this 70’s highlight
by Les Bantous de la Capitale !


1 Tcheko
2 Maboko na moto
3 Nouvelle cite
4 Boumamou sili5 Sakie
6 Tant pis pour les complexes
7 Au no.1 Gea Gisca
8 Gozar en la noche


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