Maria Tanase – Maria Tanase 1, Electrecord

My first contact with Lautari was when I bought the CD
‘Suburban Bucharest’. It contains a mixture of old and new
Romanian music. Through that CD I got to know artists like
Romica Puceanu, of which I found this LP last year.
From one artist you come to the next, and that’s how
I discovered Maria Tanase.
It can’t be a coincident that I found part 2 of Maria Tanase’s
CD releases recently, and last week this LP.
Some listener asked for a little pause between all that dancing
music, well this is an album to sit down with and listen.
I hope you can appreciate this rare piece of Lautari.


Maria Tanase, tracks


One thought on “Maria Tanase – Maria Tanase 1, Electrecord

  1. one great voice of my country… after these original songs, many newer versions of them appeared in the meantime (including much faster rhythms on the same themes)

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