Los Virtuosos – El Brujo, Kubaney 1976

Los Virtuosos, front

From the Dominican Republic, these are Los Virtuosos with
Cuco Valoy. The name El Brujo would stay with him after this LP.
Inside the cover we find a little booklet with some magical
recipes. They are in Spanish and if you want, they’re included.
A great piece of salsa and merengue, beware of El Brujo !


1 Corre, Policia, corre
2 La receta de un brujo
3 Do re mi
4 El lio de mi vecino
5 No te descuides
6 Mi tumbao
7 El baile de las toallas
8 Homenaje a Matamoros
9 Estatutos 76
10 Mi rumbon


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