Skah-Shah ( l’ex Shleu-Shleu d’Haïti ) – Guêpe Pangnole
Maggie Records 1974

I have to confess to you visitors I am not particular loyal to
my own formula. I started this page to bring together music from
all over the globe, as the blogtitle suggests. Slowly however African
music is taking over. Therefore it is a good thing that visitors wake
me up sometimes, and show me some inspirational material.

Compas ( Kompa ) from Haïti is a delightful style of party music, and
I have a special album for you today. After Shleu-Shleu had split up
part of them decided to stay in Haïti and part moved to New York City.
There they started Skah-Shah of which this is the first album, read_more .


1 Guêpe pangnole
2 Kelly
3 Vinn’ dancé
4 Apparence
5 Rinmin
6 Consolation
7 Bam passe


4 thoughts on “Skah-Shah ( l’ex Shleu-Shleu d’Haïti ) – Guêpe Pangnole
Maggie Records 1974

  1. Wow, this is incredible stuff.

    Moos – I must thank you for this site. Discovering it has totally blown my mind. The music is incredible, the rips sound beautiful and I love to hi-def artwork. Please keep up the great work – we love you!

  2. Thanks a lot for this incredible album which reminds me my youth in Guadeloupe.
    If you can, continue with compas and other carabean stufs

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