Global Sampler vol. 24

Goodmorning, as some of you know I have been struggling with
several webhosters to find one that doesn’t kill my links for
what ever reason. Now Mediafire seemed to be a real good one and
it would be if it didn’t get blocked in China. I think the World
Wide Web should be available worldwide but it is not. What I shall
do is use Rapid Share untill a link gets killed. If so please report
it to me ASAP and I’ll replace it with a Mediafire link. This way the
whole world can still benefit as it should.

Some listener suggested a new Global Sampler and since I’m far behind
on them I’ll make a few to reconnect with the present.
This Sampler shows the posts between march 1 and march 10 2009.
Catching up slowly but sure.


1 Cristóbal Pérez – La negra Celina
2 Eddy Gustave – Hora de carnaval
3 Ikenga Super Stars of Africa – Ikenga in Africa
4 Neguinho da Beija-Flor – Oficio de puxador
5 Mbilia Bel – Ba gerants ya mabala
6 Oriental Brothers International Band – Ihe eme uwa adimma


0 thoughts on “Global Sampler vol. 24

  1. Wonderful!

    Thanks Moos. These must be quite time consuming to collate, so thanks for doing it so quickly after my impatient demand!

    Mmmm….Mbilia Bel on this one!

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