Al Bowlly – Al Bowlly, World Records

…and now for something competely different…

Somehow, when we come to this time of the year, I start to
play old stuff like this one by Al Bowlly. It makes me think
of the Dennis Potter TV series; ‘The Singing Detective’ ? I always
loved it, it is filled with this type of sound and plays back in
the days. Most of these tracks were taken from movies from the
30’s and accompanied by ‘Ray Noble and his Orchestra’ and the
‘Savoy Hotel Orpheans’. It’s the music my parents danced to
when they were dating. Great nostalgic atmosphere.


1 All I do is dream of you
2 Guilty
3 Stay on the right side of the road
4 Sweet and lovely
5 Did you ever see a dream walking ?
6 Twentieth century blues
7 When my little Pomeranian met your little Pekenese
8 Hold my hand
9 Pettin’ in the park
10 Wanderer
11 Hang out the stars in Indiana
12 Here lies love
13 Brighter than the sun
14 I’ve got to sing a torch song
15 On a steamer coming over
16 Snuggled on your shoulder


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