Oliver de Coque and his Expo 79
Jomo Kenyatta
Olumo 1979

We have seen a few Oliver de Coque’s before at the GG but
today’s LP has something different. I don’t know how but
this one sounds somehow more original. And a funny thing
is the fact that his band is called Expo 79 on this LP, while
on all other albums it’s called Expo 76. Maybe an occasional
joke, 1979 was the year of release.
I think Oliver displays superb guitarplay on this album, so all
together, beautiful LP. This one is for John Beadle, I saw you
were looking for it’s titles John, here they are.


1 Ife uwa abu nike
– Nke chi nyelonye
2 Jomo Kenyatta
3 It is good to be good


7 thoughts on “Oliver de Coque and his Expo 79
Jomo Kenyatta
Olumo 1979

  1. Thanks for this great gem. This is the real and original Oliver De Coque well before he lost the plot and turned into a wedding singer and spokesman for the corrupt elites of Nigeria! Great highlife of the old!

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