Original Super 5 – on Tabansi Label
Soul Posters 1977

Original Super 5, front, cd size

On Soulposters comes this LP, I don’t know from what year it is.
It looks like late 70’s, if anybody knows ? Another Nigerian highlife
band and not the least. I am sorry that it has a couple of songs,
1 and 3 especially, that open with lots of crackles and pops.
Maybe someone can clean it and return, I don’t have that technology.
The album would certainly deserve it, thanks folks, vous amusez.
Click on that pantherprint suit, ain’t that a party outfit ?


1 Original Super 5 / Tabansi label
2 Road safety
3 A go die
4 Life before money


cleaned version

11 thoughts on “Original Super 5 – on Tabansi Label
Soul Posters 1977

  1. Hermano definitivamente usted sabe como sorprendernos trabajos así es lo ando buscando.
    EXCELENTE este trabajo que haremos con usted. GRACIAS

  2. Hi everyone. Thank you DJ Moss for sharing your valious music with all of us, posting it in your blog.
    The Super 5 album is from 1974, and its first record was made by Tabansi Label. The record published is the second edition of Soul Poster.
    For further information, click


  3. I have finished cleaning your LP into CD quality sound the question is how do i get it to you 87MB zipped file

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