Super Negro Bantous – Led by Elah Elvis,Rogers All Stars 1981

It’s been a while since we had us some Nigerian highlife. Together
with Nico Mbarga, Ikenga Super Stars, Oriental Brothers and African
System Orchestra, to call a few, these guys belong to the cream of
the crop of the highlife scene. Everything about this album is right, good
cover, great sound quality, perfect material for a hot summer dance.


1 Travellers
2 Aide-nous seigneur
3 Money hard to get
4 Ndol’a min minya


6 thoughts on “Super Negro Bantous – Led by Elah Elvis,Rogers All Stars 1981

  1. gracias amigo por este lp, es un goze en barranquilla con esta musica de ellos. le recomiendo la orquesta shika shika, les wanyika, super mazembe, y zaiko langa.

  2. AMigo tengo una duda con respecto con a Las etiquetas RAS ROGERS ALL STARS de nigeria Y la ASALPS que creo que perteneca a la disquera francesa DECCA,pero entonces que seria la etiqueta RASLPS.

  3. I’m not sure if I understand this correctly but, This LP is just numbered RAS 015 and not RASLP or ASALPS. It also says SD 14 from Sonodisc. That’s the way it is…

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