Lee van Cliff – Rock it to me Twice
Channel One 1982

Lee van Cliff, front, cd size

Have you had the chance to listen to the 4 reggae collectors
I posted in 2008 ? They were called Reggae Monster Originals.
Search and listen, you’ll find a couple of tracks by Lee van Cliff
aswell. The early eighties sound of the Radics at Channel One
with Scientist producing was simply unique. The way he put an
echo on voices and drumbeats, I love it. Lee van Cliffs broken
voice to round it all up and you got me smoking..


1 It ave fi cork
2 Never call no fowl
3 Sister Fay
4 Rock it to me twice
5 Under you
6 African girl
7 Wiser than Solomon
8 Lost my baby
9 Me just love


10 thoughts on “Lee van Cliff – Rock it to me Twice
Channel One 1982

  1. I’ve been jonezing for you to drop some more Reggae! Always love the Scientist w/ Roots Radics.

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