Original Super 5 of Africa – Helena
Olumo / Decca 1977

Original Super 5, front, cd size

Hello there, today I felt like listening to some Nigerian highlife.
It was about time we had us some of this sweet party music.
Although called Super 5, they appear with eight on the front
and back-sleeve. What splendid sound these guys bring here,
rolling rhythms, strings that drive you crazy and great vocal
harmony, at times just a tiny bit false but that is all part
of the charme of this group. We had an album by them on the
2nd of march this year, use the page search for fast result.
I congratulate you with your new done purchase, put on
track #2, furniture aside, volume up and let go…

P.S. I took the Liberty to call this LP after it’s first song,
a thing seen often when the album has no name.


1 Helena
2 Master open eye
3 Vea mama
4 Original Super 5 of Africa


6 thoughts on “Original Super 5 of Africa – Helena
Olumo / Decca 1977

  1. Moo esta orquesta es espectacular he escuchado este lp y me parece buenisimo ellos interpretan en otro lp Angelina tambien es un super tema muy bueno

  2. Good music! Looking at the picture on the sleeve I think that I recognized Sam Fan Thomas (most left person).I know Super 5 had members from Cameroon, but I never knew that SFT was one of them. I am curious if someone can conform this and can tell us who the other members were.
    Thanks for all the good music Moos!

  3. Hi friend, Moos this album is spectacular, the style of the super 5 international. two issues of this work very much appreciated in my country Colombia, are nicknamed the breast see PARAKINA! and the other issue is Helena. On the other hand there is someone who is doing a good job with the work of the orchestra who compiled and disseminated to the faces of the work of international super 5 Carlos Montes called Alcala who knows much of the orchestra visitre hacerca it here:


    Where I have understood all of the Work Related super 5 are from 1977 to 1979 published at that time all you haveke

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