Celestine Ukwu & his Philosophers National
Ndu Ka Aku, Philips 1974

Celestine Ukwu, front

Celestine Ukwu started his career in the 60’s under Mike Ejeagha.
Early 70’s he started with the Philosophers National. He was soft
spoken and gentle and his music was more laid back than other
Igbo Highlife. The band was truly philosophical as their songs dealt
with social evils and the need for peace. Tragically Celestine Ukwu
died in a car crash in 1979, not yet 40 years old.
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1 Ndu ka aku
2 Ego eju aka
3 Onwu ama eze
4 Ebemi
5 Ife uwa adi agwuagwu
6 Chi ji oke


6 thoughts on “Celestine Ukwu & his Philosophers National
Ndu Ka Aku, Philips 1974

  1. Thanks so much for this, as well as all the other music you make available. Celestine Ukwu is a particular favorite of mine.
    John A.

  2. God bless you for making me have these Celestine Ukwu’s songs again. I had the CDs before but 2 of them got broken thesame day. I have been trying to get them ever since with success.

    Thank again and keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have these songs by Celestine Ukwu again. I had the CDs about 8 years ago but 2 got broken thesame day.

    This album was released two years before I was born. The lyrics of the songs have always made reasoned well on many life issues.

    Thank again

  4. Beautiful, thanks for all your wonderful shares and a great site what an education !!!
    big cyber hug from Australia … thank you for this magnificent archive!!!

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