Toni Iordache -Tresors Folkloriques
Roumains vol.1
Electrecord 1970

Toni Iordache, front

Toni Iordache is a true master on Cimbal. His music
carries a load of suspense like no other. If you are into
sublime instrumentalists, listen to this. I am a lover of songs
and would not post an instrumental album without being
virtuoso. Music for experienced listeners,
don’t touch if you aren’t.


1 Cintec de dragoste
2 Hora de la bolintin
3 Geaba ma mai duc acasa si hora lui Leonard
4 Hora din ialomita
5 Sirba olteneasca
6 Variatuni pe tema ‘Foaie verde si-o craita
7 Hora ca la rudari
8 Cintec de ascultare si Sirba de la Sabareni
9 Ca la breaza
10 Doina de jale


7 thoughts on “Toni Iordache -Tresors Folkloriques
Roumains vol.1
Electrecord 1970

  1. Thanks for the wonderful album of Toni whose birthday would have been today.
    (December 17, 1942 – February 1988). I have posted an article regarding him too. Regards. Bob

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