Opambuo International Band of Ghana -Odo Yewu, Bonne Records 1981

Opambuo, front


1 Odo yewu
2 Okwantuni mmoboro
3 You de find me trouble
4 Aunty lucy
5 Mensu


0 thoughts on “Opambuo International Band of Ghana -Odo Yewu, Bonne Records 1981

  1. Moos, I dont know what else to tell u….but take “Thank You” for now…am off to listen and will be back with feedback commentary….

  2. Its a very great album….I enjoyed it….but I’ve heard other better versions of a song or two from this album on another album of this same artiste, and am beginning to think either this was supposed to be one of those collection albums or either age was catching up with him on this particular album, the band was live but the usual vocal energy typical of him was missing….earlier works of other great artistes like Akwaboa & K. Frimpong have also proven to be better than their latter works too, especially in cases when they started adapting to digital studio recording instead of the usual beautiful live band….either ways, Opambuo Internationals still remains one of my favourites & there’s still a lot more to learn from them so keep it coming….Thanks

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