Youssou N’dour – Nelson Mandela
Magnetic Records 1985

Youssou N'dour, front

Within one week we lost two Africans of great significance, first
Tabu Ley Rochereau, one of the most influential singers of the
continent and yesterday, Nelson Mandela, no need to explain
he was one of the most important African leaders.
Youssou N’dour made this ode to the great leader in 1985.


1 Nelson Mandela
2 Moule moule
3 Samayaye
4 The rubberband man
5 N’dobine
6 Donkaasi gi
7 Wareff
8 Magninde


4 thoughts on “Youssou N’dour – Nelson Mandela
Magnetic Records 1985

  1. Mine, too, as it happens. Less of the…French production. And the sentiment is welcome. Mandela was one of the very few national leaders to possess real humanity. To hear all the jackals in charge praise him makes me ill.<br /><br />But they can&#39;t deface the man, however much they work against his ideals.

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