Cumbias Solamente Cumbias – Varias Artistas Discos Fuentes 1976

Cumbias Solamente Cumbias, front

When you take this lp in your hands and look for any scratches,
you won’t find them. Listening to it however I’m affraid we have
to accept some noises towards the end of side-b. Especially
track 11. side-a is clean but is slightly off centre so getting
closer to track 6 it is starting to sound false a bit. Now about
the quality of the music, that’s another story. Take the second
number, ‘El aguacero’ by Anibal Velasquez, I fell in love with
that song straight away, the backing drums are somehow
quite different, I love’m, simply irresistible..
Overall, wonderful release, awesome
cover, some great tunes,
small disturbing


1 Los Corraleros – Juana patiño
2 Anibal Velasquez – El aguacero
3 Luis E. Martinez – Cumbia sampuesana
4 Climaco Sarmiento – La cigarra
5 Los Hispanos – Cumbia marinera
6 Banda y Corors de Bocachica – Si mañana muero
7 Julio Erazo – Cumbia de margarita
8 Los Alegres del Sinu – Cumbia cereteana
9 Luis E. Martinez – Cumbia cienaguera
10 Los Corraleros – Cumbia campesina
11 Alejandro Duran – Me quede llorando
12 Andres Landero – La pollera rosada


6 thoughts on “Cumbias Solamente Cumbias – Varias Artistas Discos Fuentes 1976

  1. Terrible record amigo, thanks. The Anibal Velasquez is indeed a pure gem.<br />Keep on the excellent work !<br />

  2. Wonderful stuff. Check out Ludovic Beier, who frequently records with the great Manouche (French gypsy) guitarist, Angelo Debarre, for another great accordionist. Some of their duet albums are up on IsraBox.

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