City Boys Band – Kwae Anoma Discorama 1978

City Boys, front

They call him the black Chinese, it is Obooba J.A. Adofo and
he leads the City Boys Band of Ghana. I am sorry the b-side
is a bit noisy but we can’t ask too much of an old lp. African
records come like this quite often, dusty and dirty, it has
been cleaned as good as possible but still.. The music
however is the winning factor here, even with some
noise, I still love to listen to it. I think it is justly
the Black Chinese has so many fans,
this is Ghanaian highlife like we
love it best..enjoy.


1 Obiara te se onoa
2 Kwae anoma
3 Eyea mane me
4 Meko odo fie
5 W’ama aboroso
6 Awisia wode nnim


7 thoughts on “City Boys Band – Kwae Anoma Discorama 1978

  1. Thanks a lot Moos for sharing this wonderful Ghanaian music. Don't mind the noise. We know that you do your best to avoid them and rip the LPs which are not easy to find.

  2. the good thing about these albums are that if the sound wont let u dance, the album art will surely make u smile….obuoba is very talented and the city boys band is a very versatile band … i love their music just as much as I love the african brothers band …this album is a rare one and I appreciate every click and noise on it…its better than none… this is the perfect gift for a tropical

  3. thank u moos for your encouragement…. the work u are doing here is not in vain, the younger generation will keep your passion alive and spread the music even when u are gone someday…long live the global groove

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