Thony Adex & his Sedico Band
Jet Sound 1978

Thony Adex, front

Some time back I met with two Belgians, they frequent
several African countries to find special lp’s. On their last
visit they brought back some rare stuff. Take this juju lp
by Thony Adex, untill now I had never heard of him.
I love them sweeping broomsounds in the beginning
of the album. Get it & spread it..


1 Baba wa orun
– Fana han mi
– Atakoro wo nu ado
– Omo onife
2 A tun gbede
– Orere ila
– Omo awo re o


6 thoughts on “Thony Adex & his Sedico Band
Jet Sound 1978

  1. there is a record on the makossa label it&#39;s title is sunny ade judgement special which has a long guitar solo which sounds like s a <br />he was with a group called Alausati but formed the sedico systemm band in &#39;74.<br />thanks for all the work you&#39;ve done Moos.

  2. There were actually two LPs on the Makossa label. Sunny Ade Judgement Special was Volume 1, but there was a Volume 2 called Juju Funk Explosion.

  3. Awesome album, as is Juju Funk Explosion (I have on cassette, from the eighties). It&#39;s two long tracks – the guitars and voices come and go, but the drums never stop, so the song divisions are arbitrary.

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