Okukuseku Band of Ghana Awosco & Sons Records 1979

Okukuseku, front

Okukuseku Band of Ghana is certainly one of the most
famous of all those Ghanaian groups that went to Nigeria
to find their fortune. This is the first lp they made after
returning to Ghana. It is from 1979 and as they stated
on the backsleeve, it was made for your nice cool
enjoyment. Thank you Okukuseku..


1 Keka ko
2 Odo bra
3 Atanfo wmohyere
4 Me-nkwa


5 thoughts on “Okukuseku Band of Ghana Awosco & Sons Records 1979

  1. Thank You moos … The Ghanaian bands that moved in & out of Nigeria certainly deserve a category of their own because they fused the Ghanaian way of highlife with the Nigerian rhythms and the results were amazing… Okukuseku certainly made a lot of such music…other bands that also tried the nigerian style include opambuo international, city boys band, beach scorpions, african brothers,

  2. Wow, thank you so much for another wonderful post, Moos! You are simply the best and will always be the best. Please don&#39;t stop with the Highlife, please do keep it coming :)<br /><br />I hope you can fulfill this one request I have. Do you have an album by another fine Ghanaian artist: Pat Thomas? Thanks a lot once again Moos!<br /><br />Have a great weekend!<br /><br />From your favorite

  3. nice…super nice!!!.. reminds me a bit of one of favourite GG artist ‘Kyeremateng Stars’… is there any connection?

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