Segun Adewale and his Super Star International
I Love You
Kay-Nath Records 1987

Segun Adewale, front

We had one of his lp’s before and two with Shina Peters.
Fortunately this time no christian songs as far as I know.
I love the sound of juju but can’t stand any religious messages.
This album has some hiss at the beginning and side two is
completely out of centre but sounds fairly okay. 1987
Yoruba juju you don’t want to miss, I especially
love the rhythms, how about you..?


1 Oko tun tun
– Mo jere
– Ero
2 Late papa obafemi awolowo


4 thoughts on “Segun Adewale and his Super Star International
I Love You
Kay-Nath Records 1987

  1. I'm also glad we can take a pass on religious content; and while some of the singing is a bit scrappy, this music really moves pretty well. Thanks very much for providing it!

  2. There&#39;s actually a lot of Christian parts on this album – almost more than you would find in an early 70s album. This happened because the Juju musicians grew embraced more religiosity in their music as they grew older. This was also a period when Yoruba people had our equivalence of the period of &quot;Great Awakening.&quot; <br /><br />More importantly, there&#39;s always going to be

  3. Dear Anonymous,<br />what I mean is this; although I can&#39;t change it, I realise that religion is poison.<br />&quot; name of god, I&#39;m gonna kick your brains in..&quot;<br />Wars are started over square meters of &#39;holy&#39; ground.<br />what I NEED is taking distance of messages I don&#39;t like..<br />Still love the sound of juju, fuji, apala and such. Fond of anthropology..<br />

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