John Chibadura and Sungura Boys – Kurera
Musi-Oa-Tunya ZIL 203, 1985

John Chibadura, front

John Chibadura, back

Take a look at this page.
Sungura from Zimbabwe is a style we haven’t seen much yet.
If you liked the Simon Chimbetu album, better try this one too.
Jivin’ east African sound, impossible to remain seated material.
..makes me happy to bring you, cheers..


1 Kurera
2 Mwana asina tsika
3 Kufa hakuna memba
4 Mwana wangu
5 Maggie mukadzi wangu
6 Nhamo ine nharo
7 Ndochema
8 Nhamo yatakawona
9 Hupenyu hwangu
10 Urombo


7 thoughts on “John Chibadura and Sungura Boys – Kurera
Musi-Oa-Tunya ZIL 203, 1985

  1. moos,

    this album is bouncin’

    had the neighbours round for a few drinks tonight and we had two up dancing for “Kurera” – they NEVER dance this MUST be good!

  2. Moos, you always post great music but seldom have you posted as good an LP as this. There is not a bad track on it. Thank you so much!

  3. hey moos, i love yr blog. i love east african music and especially zimbabwean music. and you have turned me on to many of the best. the 70’s stuff reminds me of the passion and purity of 70’s roots reggae. keep up the amazing work and i’ll keep thanking you. thanks for all of yr past work.

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