African brothers International
Nea Medofo Aye Me
Happy Bird / Ambassador

African Brothers, front

African Brothers, label

Nana Kwame Ampadu I and his African Brothers are
back at the GG today. They made a whole lot of swell
records of which we had a bunch already. Often hard
to find a year of release, with this one I’ve got no idea.
The highlife we get to hear is very groovy but the lp’s
quality is not the best I’m affraid. Quite some crackles
especially at the b-side of the album. I’m still happy
to bring it though, such lovely music..listen..


1 Nea medofo aye me
2 Beye dek ne wonsere me
3 Nkabea
4 Mekae me nyame
5 Mmre dane
6 Awisia mmobro
7 Odo, hwe na wanyi me ama
8 Me ne wo mianu asetsena


6 thoughts on “African brothers International
Nea Medofo Aye Me
Happy Bird / Ambassador

  1. Moos you really do know how to get the weekend started…thanks for this one …. hopefully am looking forward to some Alex Konadu albums from you in the future

  2. This is one of my favourite albums of African Brothers Band, with Mum Bea as the lead singer. She was singing with African Brothers from 1976 and became Nana Ampadu’s wife. Thanks for sharing this great music.

    • Thanks for the info, it was quite unusual to hear a female voice with this band. Some bands had males singing like females back then, an example is the feminine voice of Agyaaku on most of the Yamoah albums, so I was quite curious about the female voice here. The “Mekae me Nyame” track is my favorite on this album, a great remix of “Me Nyame Wo pe Nye ho” by this same band on another album.

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