Alex Konadu – Odo Meko Ama Obiaba
Ambassador Records 1977

Alex Konadu, front

Good morning, on special request we’ve got Alex Konadu
today. So here we go Kwabena, I have a couple of others
waiting but let’s start with the oldest. This lp is from 1977
and still in very good condition, mostly Ghanaian records
of that age look and sound quite worn out but we’re lucky
I guess. We had three of his albums before, just
search on Alex and find them easily..enjoy..


1 Adamfo pa
2 Ye gu nsa
3 Agya kwakye
4 Nsa nie
5 Odo me ko
6 Kae dabi
7 Opo nso me adware


3 thoughts on “Alex Konadu – Odo Meko Ama Obiaba
Ambassador Records 1977

  1. Thank you very much Moos… its these little things in life that makes it worth waking up every morning … My weekend is made!

    • …And I have all the old Ghana albums including the other Alex Konadu albums from global groove way back even before the media fire issue … am not the oldest fan of the global groove, but I have been here for sometime and I am happy to call this my home…

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