Global Sampler vol. 43
Various Artists

Global Sampler Vol. 43, front

Good morning groovers, do you remember our samplers?
We used to make them to suggest listening to the lp’s
the numbers come from. Every track refers to an album
posted here in the past. I stopped making them when
webhosters started to throw away our precious files but
from now they are back, you can count on that. The
numbers on this one come from lp’s posted halfway
2011 so there’s a whole lot of catching up to do.
For now, here’s volume 43, enjoy..


1 le Prince Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Longisa – Loufoulakari
2 The Lone Ranger – Every thing she want
3 Orchestre Masano – Mikala
4 Prince Youlou Mabiala – Carte postale
5 Willie Colon – Calle luna, calle sol
6 Trio Madjesi – Deuxième mi-temps
7 Orchestre Afro-Succes – Libreville
8 Bembeya Jazz National – Dagna
9 Gnonnas Pedro & his Dadjes Band International – Adigbedoto
10 Beni de Cadiz – Bulería de cazaora
11 Passi-Jo & Kichar – Vengi
12 Samay – Anaba samy na cathy no.3
13 Chano Pozo – Rumba en swing
14 l’Orchestre Empire Bakuba – Muinto
15 Jolly Matata Band – Jaber e boma no.2


3 thoughts on “Global Sampler vol. 43
Various Artists

  1. Hooray, I loved these samplers. They were an excellent introduction to all the wonderful music you put up here so thank you very, very much for bringing them back!

  2. You didn’t just keep me listening to great music when I was broke, you changed the way I listen to music. I’m OK now $ wise so I buy everything again, but popped in to say thanks.

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