Odoyewu International Band of Ghana
led by Eddy Maxwell – Monkey Chopp
Onye Oma Cy LP II

Odoyewu, front

It is always a shame when a very good lp is played so much
that it left it’s traces. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of
choice in this matter. We are lucky as it is, finding them
old African lp’s at all so acceptance is all that’s left. This
particular album for instance has quite some hiss and
other little disturbance. If we want to hear the music
though, taking it as it is, is the only option we have.

We had one of their albums before, you may find it here.
Odoyewu International Band of Ghana is one of those who
went to Nigeria to record their albums. Different circomstances,
different facilities and atmosphere had their infuence on the
sound. Very nice results came forth and this is another
fine example of such a project, listen and enjoy..


1 Monkey chopp
2 Woko na wohu
3 Sako akonam
4 Any help you get
5 Mame abina
6 Aba a oni dua


8 thoughts on “Odoyewu International Band of Ghana
led by Eddy Maxwell – Monkey Chopp
Onye Oma Cy LP II

  1. Hey Moos! You are simply the best and you can never be forgotten! Thank you so much for posting two classic/memorable Ghanaian LPs despite the conditions! I am short of words for this one 🙂 This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever encountered on the internet! Continue to do what you do best, I salute you sir!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Moos for sharing these amazing recordings of Ghana, I enjoy to listen them! The “Aba a oni dua” track is excellent, played in loop mode!

  3. Agreement with the sentiments above. Moos, the hiss and the rest doesn’t matter when it’s rare music of this quality. Thanks very much!

  4. Ah! Just when i was digesting the Alex konadu’s Album we get another classic highlife album. Favourite on this Is any help you get. Find myself keep hitting the repeat button. I love highlife of all sort but there Is something about ghana highlife made in Nigeria that gets me ticking…..

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