Alex Konadu’s Band – Fa Odo Mehyia Me
Brobisco 1981

Alex Konadu, front

Hello, good morning, are you ready for some weekend
highlife ? I promised more Alex Konadu so here he is.
This here lp on Brobisco is from 1981 and it’s a killer.
Better get it and spice up your day but do not forget
to share it with your buddies. That’s the idea, get the
music to brighten up your friend’s lifes as well.


1 K. na oreko
2 Amma agyemang
3 Fa odo behyia me
4 Ata kwame medley


10 thoughts on “Alex Konadu’s Band – Fa Odo Mehyia Me
Brobisco 1981

  1. excelente musica de ghana ., me gustaria publicara musica soukous de lokassa , soukous stars, yondo sister muchas gracias moos desde cartagena – colombia

  2. Thank you Moos.
    Please don’t forget to upload also: Dr Paa Bobo; City Boys Int.; African Brothers Band Int. and many others artists from Ghana.
    Best Regards.

  3. Excellent choice, Moos. It’s cooling down here, the skies are windy and chill, and I just had surgery on one hand. So this is a very welcome bit of warmth and sunshine!

  4. Moos, another day another classic …. you are the best thing I discovered on the internet …thank you as usual

  5. Feels like I’ve come home. An absolute gem of a blog.. Thank you for keeping your unique nutcase-ness intact. Yeeeehaa!

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