Discotheque 72 – Various Artists
Editions Syliphone Conakry SLP 40, 1973

Discotheque '72, front

When this lp came out in 1973 I was 15 years old and had no
idea of this music existing. I was listening to English and Ame-
rican popmusic, maybe some blues.. It took another five years
before the first African, Caribbean and South American music
came through to us. Fortunately we are looking at a much
broader spectrum of sounds and styles nowadays, the world
wide web is a huge support in that perspective. Listen to this
wonderful slice of Guinée vinyl, which is in great condition,
even after 41 years. It’s got some pops though in the middle of
track #3 and at the end of track #6, a small pressing error.
In this series we already had the 1970 and the 1973 versions.
Check them out, spectacular releases one by one..


1 Pivi et les Balladins – Kogno koura
2 Bembéya Jazz National – Mme tolberg
3 Pivi et les Balladins – Samba
4 Kélétigui et ses Tambourini – Donsoké
5 Pivi et les Balladins – Djina mousso
6 Orchestre Les Frères Diabaté – Koumanfé
– Orchestre Les Frères Diabaté – Kéba mirima
7 Orchestre Les Frères Diabaté – N’fa


5 thoughts on “Discotheque 72 – Various Artists
Editions Syliphone Conakry SLP 40, 1973

  1. Thanks Moos, this excellent LP is on a par with the 1973 issue. If you will allow me to pigeon-hole this music, the Mandingo jazz style is my favourite music genre. In 1973 I was listening to British glam-rock, and it took me another 6 years to discover the rest of the world.

  2. Truly looking back the past without African music, I think my soul was fed with feed.
    From the moment that sound of africa crossed my ears, I never heard more pop, rock, even I left the blues and jazz, I totally bored.
    Sure I’ll find new details in this album, even if I know the songs, thanks again Moos.

  3. Moos – Thanks for this. Have it on CD, but folks always say the vinyl is way better. Syliphone was one of my first African music experiences, too, through Pivi (Balla) & Ses Balladins, represented here by the astonishing ‘Samba’. If anyone knows what kind of FX pedal the guitarist is using on it, please tell the world. Many of the Guinée bands used it at least once, and I’ve never heard it anywhere else. Thanks again…

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