Lacksley Castell – Morning Glory
Negus Roots, 1982

Lacksley Castell, front

Lacksley Castell

Morning Glory, A-side label

Back in 1982 I bought this album for fl.21,95, which was
still in the time we had our old Dutch currency, the guilder.
I found out yesterday that prices for this lp go up as far as
€ 150,-. It seems to be quite rare so I thought I’d post it
for you to listen to without charge. Our guilder was worth
less than half of the euro so it’s worth has increased
substantially. Lacksley Castell died very young at the
age of 24 years. He worked with Hugh Mundell
who helped him and his buddy Junior Reid to
start in the music business. He was a very
talented singer and songwriter,
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1 Leaving
2 Morning glory
3 Righteous stand
4 Message to my woman
5 Cold winter night
6 Speak softly
7 Doctor love
8 Bound in bondage
9 Government man


9 thoughts on “Lacksley Castell – Morning Glory
Negus Roots, 1982

  1. I man sell this already for 75 euro’s years ago.
    There is only one good song on it
    This is one of the internet hype
    Blijft humour prijzen van platen

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