Picolino e seu Samba Partido Alto –
Chegou Portela, CBS 1969

Picolino, front

This afternoon I went to a tiny recordstore in the middle
of Amsterdam’s red-light district. Just in between two
black hookers there’s this gate, you have to know where
it is cause it’s easy to get distracted. When snooping
around in my friend’s shop I stumbled upon this samba
album from back in 1969. It is an lp by Picolino, one of
the frontmen of the Portela samba school. I promised
to post it straight away, so here it is Alex, get it,
spread it, listen and have fun doing so..


1 Portela querida
2 Bento que bento é o frade
3 Mulher teimosa
4 O cotidiano
5 Pancada de amor
6 Vai negão
7 Ritmo portela
8 Renunciar
9 Mulato frajola
10 Adeus amigos
11 Samba da garóa
12 Ciranda cirandinha
13 Birimbau som de viola
14 Ritmo portela


6 thoughts on “Picolino e seu Samba Partido Alto –
Chegou Portela, CBS 1969

  1. I used to go to a record shop in Soho where you were invariably accosted by the “local lasses” before you got in the door. But now, after goodness knows how many years of shite Tory governments, we now have no record shops at all – but 3 times as many prostitutes.

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