barrinton Levy – Money Move
Power House 1984

Barrington Levy, front

Power House label

Recently I found this missing piece in my Barrington Levy
collection. I have been waiting for years to encounter this
lp. It is an obscurity, very funny thing is they wrote his
name without the letter “G”. I always wondered how it is
possible to release an album and write your own name wrong.
Or do you think it’s done on purpose? Somehow I missed this
lp in 1984 when it came out. It is recorded with Scully on
percussion, Willie Lindo – lead rhythm, Robbie Shakespear
and Lloyd Parks on bass, Piano by Robbie Lyn and Bubbler
and Drums by Sly Dunbar. Get it & Spread it !


1 Money move
2 Jah save my life
3 True love
4 Misunderstanding
5 I feel free
6 Hard to believe
7 Come in a dance
8 Suffer the little children


4 thoughts on “barrinton Levy – Money Move
Power House 1984

  1. Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar …. am always eager to listen to any song they play their instruments on… very fine reggae veteran instrumentalists from the Peter Tosh days

  2. Hee-hee. Yes, I think they just love to play around with the language over there.

    He’s been: Barrington Leavy, Barrington Levey, Barrington Levi, Barry Levy, Levi Barrington and, my own personal favourite, Brrington Levy!

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