Lord Kitchener’s Greatest Calypso Hits
RCA Victor 1967

Lord Kitchener, front

Lord Kitchener

When hunting for records I always keep an eye open
for sixties calypso. So when I found this Lord Kitchener
it made me very happy. Calypso from this period is the
hardest to find and has the nicest sound to my opinion.
There are still many records to encounter but for now
we can sit and enjoy this fine lp. It must be from 1967
according to the internet, we had the album ’67 from
the same year obviously. It was my favourite Kitchener
for a long time and I’m glad to be able to extend that
Trinidad feel today, get it & spread it..


01 – Nora
02 – Tie tongue mopsie
03 – Marjorie’s flirtation
04 – Trouble in arima
05 – Elsie’s river
06 – Mount olga
07 – Chinese never had a v.j. day
08 – Walk a mile and a half
09 – Black or white
10 – Mango tree


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RCA Victor 1967

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