John Holt – A Love I can Feel
Trojan 1974

John Holt, front

Good morning groovers, what’s up..I tell you what, it’s John Holt.
A love I can feel contains some of the finest reggae songs I ever
heard. It was produced by the great sir Cocksone Dodd on Studio
One in 1970. This is a Trojan release though and came out in 1974.
The label states ’74 and sleeve ’76, you tell me which one it was.
One way or the other, wonderful stuff, get it & spread it..


01 – A love I can feel
02 – Do you want me
03 – Make up
04 – Love divine
05 – Nobody else
06 – Why can’t I touch you
07 – Tonight
08 – If it don’t work out
09 – Stranger in love
10 – It’s alright
11 – Your arms reaching out for me
12 – My heart is gone


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Trojan 1974

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