Master Bob Akwaboa – Hwemibi Nako

Master Bob Akwaboa, front

Today groovers, we’ve got us another record by Master Bob Akwaboa.
We had a few already, four to be exact. You can find them by using
our search-bar. This one sounds very warm and was recorded in Ghana
but mastered in Cotonou, Benin. On this album he is accompanied by
the great trumpeteer E.T. Mensah, we do not hear him that much though.
As usual they did not give a year of release but somehow it seems to be
the youngest of the five. If you can lighten up this matter, please do.
Meanwhile just get it, listen to it and pass on copies to your friends.
oh eh, on side b the middle hole is off-centered so towards the
end of the album it gets a tiny bit false I’m afraid.


01 – Hwemibi nako
02 – Nsamanfoo
03 – Kwabena amoa
04 – Anoma a oreko
05 – Na mennim
06 – Owuo amma manka
– Medo wobi


12 thoughts on “Master Bob Akwaboa – Hwemibi Nako

  1. Thank you very much Moos for your treasures… This is a good one from the Master himself…Bob Akwaboa… A true highlife pioneer from the guitar band era and mentor to a lot of highlife musicians. This sounds a bit modern than his earlier albums and might as well be one of his last albums before he passed on in 2004 ( …
    Master Bob Akwaboa produced a family lineage of musical talents, as his son Kwadwo Akwaboa played the organ for Alex Konadu’s band in the 80’s and later formed the sensational Marriots Band which took Ghana by storm in the 90’s ( … Master Bob Akwaboa’s grandson, the son of this same Kwadwo Akwaboa, is today one of the most respected musical producer/songwriter in Ghana and has won a few awards, following closely in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in the music industry (
    Now back to this posted album, I can see Baffuor Kyei of the Great Africans Band as a backing vocalist on this album and thats very exciting…he was the lead vocalist on the B.B. Collins & Powerful Believers album and he was lead vocalist for a few of Kyeremanteng Atwede albums as well and that alone tells the respect if such a person is backing vocals to a much older Akwaboa here on this album.
    I also see Ralph Kakari on Bass guitar… for those who dont know him, he was the bass player on the sikyi highlife for Dr. K. Gyasi & his noble kings , and also played bass guitar on some albums for K. frimpong, Alex konadu, Joe Mensah, Amakye Dede and others…He is a heavyweight and a pioneer on the Bass guitar and its good to have him on this album as well… I cant wait to listen already

    • Fantastic regarding all this information! There’s so little out there. It’s nice to see all the various connections.

  2. Hello Moos!
    This record is one of the last records published by Ambassador Records Kumasi.
    When recording it, the facilities (studio and pressing plant) of Ambassador Records were stopped to operate already. The LP was pressed in Nigeria. Shortly after this record was released, Amassador Records closed down for good.
    I’m not sure, this record was released either in the later part of 1982 or early 1983.

    Greetings / Thomas

    • I remember seeing the Ambassador Records Manufacturing Company in Ghana during my recent visit from the capital Accra to Kumasi, the huge building which is very visible on my right towards KNUST with Ambassador in huge block letters on it, was in an abandoned condition overgrown with weeds and neglected.
      This is a historic monument in Ghana’s music history, the first in West Africa and only company in Ghana during the 70’s that could record in studio and pressed records at the same facility (West African Pop Roots by John Collins, Page 251)

      “In the late sixties the majority of the records in Ghana were either manufactured in Europe, or made at the Ambassador records factory in Kumasi. Mr. A. K. Badu had set up the Ambassador factory in 1954, together with his in-house producer (a young guy called A. K. Brobbey) producing 78rpm shellac discs. This was the first independent record manufacturing plant in West Africa. By the mid-sixties they had switched to 45-rpm singles and were recording and producing their own records, as well as manufacturing for other producers. It was not until 1969 that the first record plant was set up on the coast in Accra.” ~ (

      I am sure with the help of any private investor, this abandoned facility can be turned into a revenue-generating landmark if a few records and gramophones can be added to the now antique studio and record pressing plant in there…. a similar project can be found here (

      • My father (WP O’Neill) designed and built that factory for Badu back in the mid to late ’60’s. I am sure it has been expanded after we left in 1969. The initial factory included a full sound proofed recording studio (in witch I did most of the wiring), a master cutting facility, a factory where the records were pressed, a warehouse where they were stocked and prepared for shipping and, of course, a front office.

        I don’t remember Brobbey as being a producer. During the initial operation my father did most of the recording and production work. Mr. Brobbey, it seemed to me anyway, was Mr. Badu’s driver. However, we did not arrive on the scene until 1966 when Badu wanted to get into recording and manufacturing vinyl 7″ 45s rather than the older shellac/lacquer 17″ 78s. Before that time I am not aware of what Mr. Brobbey’s duties were. I know that they did a lot of their recording in the studios of the Ghanaian National Film Corporation in Accra. That is where my Father met up with AK Badu.

  3. thank you so much guys, your contributions make this a better place.
    I couldn’t dream of knowing that much about the stuff I am posting, I am learning about the music I love with every post. Once more, priceless info..

  4. I was just searching for this album! Happy to find it here. Looking forward to listening, never heard of this one. Thanks.

    Mike D.

  5. Thank you Moos. Bob Akwaboah is a favorite. It’s amazing how little information there is about him on the internet. Thank you to the commenters above!! Again this blog is a treasure. Cole

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