Trio Reynoso con Tatico
Vol. 1, Zuni LP-51, 1972

Trio Reynoso, front

I saw some old merengue being downloaded this morning
and decided to post some. This is Trio Reynoso with Tatico,
they bring the authentic merengue from the Dominicans as
the title already suggests. Trio Reynoso made their merengue
using the acordeon and having a certain weekness for the
instrument, my choice was easily made. Give it a spin
and share it like always, enjoy..


01 – El descrubidor
02 – La mamajuana
03 – La cama
04 – Las mujeres ajenas
05 – La agarradera
06 – Le sale un dulcito
07 – En tus lindos labios
08 – Amor todavía
09 – La mujer es una flor
10 – Agua de tu fuente
11 – La cuestión
12 – Si tatico se levanta


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Vol. 1, Zuni LP-51, 1972

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