Les Shleu Shleu – Les Shleu Shleu
3A Records

Les Shleu Shleu, front

I got lucky last week when visiting our capital, went there with
my son to see the late Rembrandt exposition in the new and
improved Rijksmuseum. It was astonishing to see all them
famous paintings we all know. Very inspiring experience..

When returning from the museum we passed by one of the
second hand record stores I use to frequent and found this
album among a few others. Les Shleu Shleu have been here
before on a few occasions, search for them the regular way.
Happy summer compas, just in time before spring starts off.
Don’t you love that cover with the kids dancing on vinyl..?
Hope you like’m, get & spread as usual..


01 – L’angelus
02 – Viva SS
03 – Tribulation
04 – Appuye
05 – Reflechis
06 – Nanoune


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3A Records

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