African Brothers Band International
in Côte d’Ivoire
Agatha, Makossa 1981

African Brothers, front

African Brothers, back

On Makossa we find this here album by the great Nana Ampadu
I and his African Brothers Band International. The story of
Agatha and three others are being told on the backsleeve of
the record. Just click on the image and enable to read them.
I’m so happy this lp is in such good condition which is
certainly not always the case with Ghanaian records.
Hard sleeve and thick vinyl is what we prefer to
find. Enjoy listening to one of their finest ..


01 – Agatha
02 – Menye osansani
03 – Akwantifi wuo (mother)
04 – Momfa nto me so


14 thoughts on “African Brothers Band International
in Côte d’Ivoire
Agatha, Makossa 1981

  1. Thanks, Moos. I do prefer the Ghanaian version of highlife to the Nigerian, which probably means I lack an understanding of the music–but, well, each to their own. I like them both, in any case.

  2. Thank you Moos… The akwantifi wuo (mother) track is my favorite on this album and it’s a regular feature at most Ghanaian funerals

  3. Nana Mpadu is my hero. African brothers band is the best in the world. I have always wished they would perform in my wedding party or at least attend their live show. They are just too much!

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