Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
African Unity, Rogers All Stars

Ikenga, front

The last post of Nigerian highlife must have been in the month
of may this year. About time to continue that story, don’t you think ?
Let’s see, the group we have here is one we had on earlier occasions.
You’ll find about five other albums using our search-bar on the left.
Always satifactory sound if you’re into Nigerian music. Ikenga
on Rogers All Stars, probably from 1976, a must have..


01 – African unity
02 – Nigeria operation feed the nation
03 – Shakara school girl


10 thoughts on “Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
African Unity, Rogers All Stars

  1. Moos, I’ve got a request. Don’t know if you have it, but since you do possess a nice collection of Zairean material (in addition to the great selection of Ghanan and Nigerian highlife, of which Victor Obey is now among my favorites), I thought I’d ask:

    Les Ya-Toupas du Zaire ‎– Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup

    I’ve found two cuts up on Youtube, and the title one has a really solid drive, decent vocals, and some good solos. It’s not a drop in the ocean that was Franco, but it’s fine for what it is: really danceable, and attractive. I don’t see any mention of them in Gary Stewart or Graham’s World of African Music.

    If you’ve got it, great. If you don’t, no big deal.

    • You may find it on a cd called ‘Sofrito’ Tropical Discoteque, I once downloaded it.
      Not sure where to find it but I’m sure you’ll manage somehow, good luck glinka..
      quite nice track indeed..

  2. Thanks anyway, Moos! I’ll keep an eye out for it. Oddly enough, about two hours from here in Extremely White Mid America is a mid-sized city with a good Ethiopian restaurant and several stores in a mile or so that offer CDs and the like. I’ll check there in the spring, after my neck heals up from a recent operation.

    And about six hours away in Chicago, with its *4* Ethiopian restaurants, there are at least two African marketplaces which offer CDs, DVDs, and more. Since checking out your sites and a few others I’ve gotten really interested in this stuff (and my classical purchases have dropped through the floor), so I’ll definitely be looking there, too.

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