Sunny Adé & his African Beats
Syncro Chapter 1
Sunny Alade Records 1977

King Sunny, front

African Beats

One of our visitors brought to our attention that King Sunny
Adé turned 69 five days ago. He asked me to post another
of his albums and it just so happened this one was waiting
to find it’s way to you. It was meant to be I guess so get it,
spread it and enjoy listening to Syncro Chapter 1..


01 – Synchro feelings
02 – Oba adeyemi ( alafin oyo )


10 thoughts on “Sunny Adé & his African Beats
Syncro Chapter 1
Sunny Alade Records 1977

  1. I need to get more involved with his music. I remember going to his concert years back in Brooklyn and being blown away like crazy specially with those talking drums and dancers.

  2. Thank-you so much for this Moos! A day with a new-to-me Sunny Ade album is always a great day…
    Must say, you kept this one very well-hidden up your sleave!

    Looking at Toshiya Endo’s Sunny Ade page, which seems to be pretty complete, this was released in 1977.

    And I think its a Sunny Ade and his African Beats release, before he was known as Kind Sunny Ade, and its name is Syncro (no “h”) Chapter 1.

    Moos, you are a complete star and I send you all the best to you and yours!


    • You are right Thom, I put the ‘King’ part automatically but will remove it straight away.
      We must e honest and true to history, thanks for waking me up..!

  3. Hi Moos,

    Do not worry about Christian messages in African Music. African Christianity differs a lot from the European verslons. Do not hesitate to put records online with such messages. I am an atheist myself but shopping in Zimbabwean supermarkets with ‘when Jesus says yes,nobody can say no’ in the background made me realise that church is also entertainment for a lot of people. It is also great moment to socialise with your neighbours and a comfort in difficult times. Don’t forget that a lot of ladies who are on Saturday in the nightclubs enjoying the type of music you post, are in church on Sunday singing gospel and making it sound damn funky.

  4. Kudos to you Moos. What a great job you did here.

    Still looking for “Wait For Me” APLPS 9. Thanks.

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