Seigneur Ley Rochereau et l’Afrisa –
“En Amour y a Pas de Calcul”,
Genidia 1982

Rochereau, front


Lots of dynamics on this one. l’Afrisa has a strong electric
sound on this album, straight from the beginning it is very
full and rich in instrumentation. Strong vocal harmonies,
it does not tell us with who, round up this 1982 record.
Quite poppy but still very Congolese, listen..


01 – En amour pas de calcul
02 – Mavwela
03 – Lisanga bambanda
04 – Masi mango


5 thoughts on “Seigneur Ley Rochereau et l’Afrisa –
“En Amour y a Pas de Calcul”,
Genidia 1982

  1. Kudos Moos,
    It is like we (You and I) are somewhat having a telepathy on Congolese and in particular Rochereau’s music. I was about to request for Tabuley’s master piece LP’s of the 1980’s. The likes of GENIDIA and ABIDJAN series. Please do us a favour and post these, hopefully if you have them in your collection, in a similar way you posted Franco’s “In Memoriam Series”
    Thank you
    Pius, NAIROBI

  2. This song En amour y a pas de calcul was one of the dancefloor fillers during my student days as most of us could understand French. A very appealing rhythm and great lyrics,although some people who have never experienced Congolese mentality,’ambiance’ or hospitality might disagree about the greatness of the lyrics. When it comes to dance music Congo rules !!!

  3. Hey moos thank you this record my dad loves this album I remember I saw the video clip of the song when I was 14. My parents had visitors around in the living room.

  4. Slt Moos,
    Merci Beaucoup For these Evergreens/There was this Orphee Jazz that .recorded three pieces (Congo Oyée, Ma Yolande, Eugénie).is there a chance we could enjoy these.Thenx

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